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Greetings everyone, Happy Sunday and beginning to December! After our recent move to the Minecraft Bedrock Platform, we have been working on some exciting things behind the scenes. With that being said, we are happy to announce that Premium Ranks are now available in the Skytonia Store - and much more!

Premium Ranks Now Available
Players are now able to upgrade their account on Skytonia to one of our three Lifetime Ranks: VIP, PRO and MVP. Each rank unlocks cosmetic abilities on the network, such as lobby gadgets, bigger parties, larger friend lists, player particles, and much more. Purchasing any of our Premium Ranks will gain you access to exclusive perks which are locked to normal players.

While Skytonia is still in the early beginning stages on Bedrock Edition, we're constantly working hard to push out new and exciting updates to the network. As we release more game modes and features, more perks will be added to each rank to match their value.

To celebrate the launch of the store and the upcoming holidays, we're throwing a December Holiday Sale!

Syncing Your Premium Rank From Java
Already purchased a Premium Rank back on our Minecraft Java Edition Server? You are able to transfer it to the...
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Greetings everyone! About time you saw something new on this home-page, right? Today I'm here to deliver some long awaited and incredibly exciting news, as Skytonia is about to enter it's next big phase! As I'm assuming you've already seen, we have a brand new logo here on our website to signify this large jump, and trust me, there's much more where that came from. Make sure you read as much as possible, as this update is incredibly important to every one of our community members. We can't wait to start this new adventure with you all, and we hope you enjoy. See you online!

What Is The "Bedrock" Platform?
As you have most likely already noticed, you are no longer able to join our normal server and continue playing your games, and that's because everything is in a new place now, and that place is called the Bedrock Platform! The Minecraft Bedrock platform is a new version of the game that allows Windows 10, Phone, Tablet, Xbox and more users to play at the exact same time with each-other! If anyone here has played Minecraft on their phone before, you will understand exactly what I'm talking about!

Because this new Minecraft version is so awesome and has so many amazing features, we decided it would be the right place for Skytonia to live from now on, and we are very happy with that decision! So, from now on when you want to join Skytonia, you will need to do so through the new Minecraft app. If you're unsure how to get this new app, keep reading and we'll explain.

What Is New And What Has Changed.
You're probably wondering exactly what's new with this change, and what is...
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