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Greetings Skytonians! It has certainly been a while since our last post, but there's good reason for that! We're very excited to be back, and we have some incredible things to share in this announcement. Sit back, relax and be sure to read as much as possible, we don't want you missing out on anything!

We're Back On Java Edition
As I'm sure you've seen on our Discord or Social Media, we have recently moved back to Java Edition, after our recent transition to Bedrock Edition. It was very clear that our community wasn't a fan of this change, just as much as we were unsatisfied. Initially, our goal was to move our community to this new platform, as it had so much potential, and was meant to be the "next big thing". Since then we have come to realize that the Bedrock platform isn't perfect yet, and has a long way to go. This does mean that for now Bedrock is out of the picture for us, but this may not always be the case. If you are or were a Bedrock fan, there's always hope that we may have another version of Skytonia on that platform in the future, however not any time soon. For now, we simply hope you're all excited to be back at our roots, where we can continue to enjoy the Skytonia we know and love.

Cosmetics, Coins & Surprise Boxes
For almost a year you have all been looking at the surprise box in the Hub, wondering what it will do and when it will become available.. Today is the day! From this very second, you can now purchase coins from our Store, that you can then buy Surprise Boxes with! Surprise Boxes will be used to gain access to hundreds of new Cosmetics, including custom
hats, props, costumes, pets, titles and so much more! When in the hub, you will now see a Chest in your hot-bar, which you can use to view Cosmetics and browse through our collection. We have been working around the clock to make these cosmetics as exciting and enjoyable as possible, we cannot wait to see everyone enjoy them as much as we do!

You may be wondering, can I unlock coins without purchasing them? The answer is, not right this second. Since these cosmetics are brand new, we have restricted them to those who wish to support the server and help it grow. However, in the future we do plan on making ways for everyone to get their hands on some coins by playing the games and enjoying our server!


What Else Changed?
Since we opened the server again a few weeks ago, we have been working on so many amazing things. The following is a list of things we have been doing behind the scenes, and things you'll now notice have changed on Skytonia:

➜ Complete Network Re-vamp
The most important thing (for us) with this update, is the amount of time we spent improving the Network in almost every way. We have been working hard to make sure everything is more stable, and have re-coded a majority of the server from scratch in order to make a much more enjoyable experience for everyone, this means that any existing bug on the server should have been fixed - hooray! These changes have also allowed us to do some awesome new things, and mean that we can produce updates and new content at a much quicker pace in the future. We hope you are excited about that!

➜ New Messaging System

For the longest time, players have asked for a way to privately message other users on the Network - and we completely agree, this is a must! So, we're happy to announce that everyone now has access to /msg, meaning all your private message wishes have been answered. Tada!

➜ Murder Mystery Map Changes
For those who did play our Bedrock edition, you would have seen our brand new maps that we worked very hard on! With this update, these new maps including "City Central" and "Grand Library" will now be available to everyone on Murder Mystery! With this change, we have also temporarily disabled Snowdin, Toriels House and our Bendy maps, while we work on improving them and making them more fun for everyone.

➜ Skyblock To Skytonia Housing
To all of our Skyblock lovers, we have a small change for you too! Since the beginning of Skytonia, we worked hard to create a laid-back and unique Skyblock experience, however we've come to realize that it isn't quite the same as other Skyblock servers, leading people to sometimes be confused by the fact that things are different. Because of this, we have re-branded Skyblock to Skytonia Housing, which is our first of many changes to this gamemode! Along with this change, we have also disabled Armor and the use of your off-hand slot on Housing. We have done this to make room for the new cosmetics, as that will be the only way to wear armor and custom hats etc. This should not impact your experience since Housing is not a pvp gamemode.
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Greetings everyone, Happy Sunday and beginning to December! After our recent move to the Minecraft Bedrock Platform, we have been working on some exciting things behind the scenes. With that being said, we are happy to announce that Premium Ranks are now available in the Skytonia Store - and much more!

Premium Ranks Now Available
Players are now able to upgrade their account on Skytonia to one of our three Lifetime Ranks: VIP, PRO and MVP. Each rank unlocks cosmetic abilities on the network, such as lobby gadgets, bigger parties, larger friend lists, player particles, and much more. Purchasing any of our Premium Ranks will gain you access to exclusive perks which are locked to normal players.

While Skytonia is still in the early beginning stages on Bedrock Edition, we're constantly working hard to push out new and exciting updates to the network. As we release more game modes and features, more perks will be added to each rank to match their value.

To celebrate the launch of the store and the upcoming holidays, we're throwing a December Holiday Sale!

Syncing Your Premium Rank From Java
Already purchased a Premium Rank back on our Minecraft Java Edition Server? You are able to transfer it to the Bedrock Server! Simply log back onto the old Java Server ( on Minecraft: Java Edition, and type /link [xbox live gamertag]. This will transfer your rank to your Xbox Live account on the Bedrock Server.

Recent Videos on Skytonia
In case you haven't seen yet, a few people have been recording some videos on Skytonia recently, such as Eckosoldier and Eystreem. Be sure to watch their videos and hop on the server to see if you can find them online sometime! Want to see them onSkytonia more often? Let them know in their videos!

Well, that's all we have for this post! We'll be back very soon with some awesome updates for you guys. Be sure to support Skytonia and help us produce more content by purchasing a rank of our store or even just spreading the word about the server by retweeting our twitter page and telling your friends about the server!
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