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Hey everyone, it's me! It's certainly been a while since I've posted one of these announcements, so I thought we would shake it up a little bit. We've been working on so many amazing things for Skytonia, but this week we have a more visual update for you all - so take a read and enjoy the seasonal joy!

Huge 65% Easter Sale

To celebrate the Easter holidays, we're throwing an ENORMOUS sale on our store! All ranks are now 65% OFF! Be sure to take advantage of this sale as we'll be adding many new features for premium users, and won't be having amazing sales like this for a long time to come!

CLICK HERE: www.skytonia.com/store

Seasonal Easter Lobby

We've updated the Main Lobby with a brand new seasonal one, filled with Easter eggs and a giant Easter Bunny! Be sure to jump around, have a look and enjoy the new look. You'll also notice something else extra special that we've been working on, just look at other players heads!

As per usual, we hope you love the update, and we can't wait to see you online and enjoying the new festivities! Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to tweet us any screenshots @SkytoniaNetwork!
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Greetings again everyone! Hope you've had an amazing week and are ready for an even better weekend, because that's exactly what we've got planned! I'm super duper excited to share yet another amazing Murder Mystery update with you for the second week in a row, I know right? So sit back, take a read and I'll see you online when you're done!

Throwable Knife

Stuck in a sticky situation? See a tasty player but unable to reach them? Well, the new Throwable Knife is the perfect solution for you! Murderers can now throw their knife to get those pesky innocents when they just can't reach! Simply aim your knife at the target, right-click, and watch the magic happen! However, the Murderer only gets 3 throwing knives each game, so use them wisely!


Player Tracker
Having trouble finding those last few hiders? Have no fear, the Player Tracker is now here! We have added a new high-tech tracking tool for murderers to locate innocents. Murderers will now receive the Player Tracker in their inventory when there is only one remaining innocent or when it is the last minute of the game. This tracker will point in the direction of the nearest innocent, good luck!

New Map: The Ink Machine [This Weekend]

Introducing our brand new map: The Ink Machine, a spooky old maintenance floor containing a boiler and tons of gear machinery. Creep through dark...
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