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Greetings and hello everyone! Today we have an exciting update for our Murder Mystery fans which includes some awesome new features, an incredible revamp of our current maps, and a brand new one as well. So, grab your popcorn and enjoy the post!

Gameplay Updates
Here's a list of the gameplay changes we have done for this Murder Update. Remember there's plenty more coming very soon, and we love to hear your suggestions as well so be sure to send them through right here on our forums!
  • Addition of the Detective Role: We have now added in the Detective Role who will now spawn in the game with a gun. The Detective will be able to use this gun to protect the innocents and kill the murderer. (This replaces the random innocent who spawned with a gun)
  • Locked Doors: We have opened and locked all door interaction on murder to make gameplay a little more smoother for repetitive game sessions. From now on, all door and trapdoor elements will be constantly open, that way the maps are always in the best possible state.
  • Improved Pre-Game Proccess: Players will now see a sweet new role selection animation as they enter the game, this gives a better visual representation of the role that you've received, along with generally just feeling very spicy and cool!
  • Join Messages in Lobby: Now while you're waiting for the next game to begin, you'll see visual messages indicating which users have joined the game, so you can say hello to your opponents!
  • Better...
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Hello everyone! I hope you all are having an amazing Friday and are ready for the weekend/spring break! Things here have been all hands on deck since release, and we have been super thankful for the huge crowd and support from you guys!

To celebrate the Spring Break, we're hosting our largest sale yet! Upgrade to any of our premium ranks at a lower price than ever before! Visit for more information on these incredible deals!

Opening Week Summary
This week has been such an amazing turnout! After opening the server to the public, we had tons of you guys joining and playing on Skyblock and Murder Mystery. There was a much larger crowd than we expected to have on release, one moment we were at 200 players online and then all of a sudden we're at 500! We, of course, did encounter some minor bugs and issues due to the mass of players connecting to the server, but the whole team worked effortlessly to ensure that everything was functional as soon as possible!
Release overall was very smooth and we cannot thank you guys enough for the outstanding patience and support! We hit an insane amount of goals over the last week, and are super happy for the future of project Skytonia!

Throughout the week, we've pushed numerous patches and minor updates to the server to ensure everyone's gameplay on the network is as enjoyable as possible! We also...
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