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Hey everyone again! I know it’s been a little quiet since our last post, but exciting things have been happening behind the scenes! We are finally done with everything and are super pumped to announce our release date, as well as a few more things.

First off, I’d like to welcome @NewScapePro to the server! If you were here during the beta, you may have saw him around playing some murder.. and maybe even with a knife! NewScapePro has taken part Ownership in the project and will be a huge part of Skytonia, as he will be in charge of all advertisement, and will help us expand our community! He’ll primarily be recording on the server, so if you see him online make sure to say hello!

Official Release Date
“Yessss… finally this silly tiger is going to tell us the release date!” Haha, yes you are correct! After months of hard work and planning, we are happy to say that we have finished everything behind the scenes and are ready to release the server for you guys to see! With that being said, we will be opening the doors to the server as Skytonia will be releasing this
Wednesday, March 1st at 2:30pm CST. With NewScapePro recording videos on the server, we can expect a huge amount of players and fans on opening day.

While we have ran through numerous testing sessions and a few betas, we do expect some unforeseen bugs on the server. With that being said, please report all bugs / broken features on the forums here as it will help us incredibly by speeding up the process of fixing them. As well as this, please keep in mind that not every feature will be available on release. We have restricted...
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Hello everyone! Firstly you're probably thinking "Wait, Skytonia is still a thing..?", and secondly you're probably asking yourself "Who on earth is this stinky hooligan?".. To answer both those questions, yes Skytonia is alive and very well, and my name is Eric, however you'll hear more about me later in this post! It's been quite some time since the forums have seen an official update, so I'm more than excited to share some information regarding what the team has been working on as of late!

Server Release Information
After months of hard work, we are incredibly excited to say that Skytonia's release is right around the corner! Whilst we all wish that Skytonia could have been up and running quite a while ago, plenty of plans have changed for the better! We have been working on some incredible stuff for the future, along with some other side elements to the server to help compliment Skyblock (Hint: What starts with mini and ends with games?)! At the moment there's one huge piece of this incredible puzzle, and it's very close to coming together! Skytonia was always created with instant success in mind, we would much rather have a later release with loads of users playing straight away rather than a small release with a community of 10. However, much more information will come regarding that over the next week or two. For more frequent updates and information, make sure you're following our Discord!

The Admin Team
Now, it's time to introduce the beginning Administration team, and the people who have made everything happen so far! Hundreds and hundreds of hours has been dedicated so far by the team, and with such an incredible shared vision, it would have been impossible to get where we currently are any...
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