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  1. bardofmind
    daily nonsense whenever possible
  2. bardofmind
    you know what they say time is time to die is time repeating is time is time to die is time repeating
  3. silverno
  4. CupalJR2004
  5. Kieran
  6. NewScapeBro
    It’s been quite the journey! ...
  7. Kirroo
    I'm sorry that this server is dead. Like the relationships with several people I met here.. ;v_v;
  8. Mar_coolfan
    Mar_coolfan Erictigerawr
    What's the IP address?
    1. Wheelz
      Jan 6, 2018
  9. bardofmind
    if you are reading this you should be doing something else
  10. Johnmataaaaa
    Johnmataaaaa Erictigerawr
    Is There any way I can apply for Staff for SKyTonia I will be more than welcome to and this may be an opportunity to have more players since I have helped on Life Bloat a Little bit back then and they got a lot of attention for the gameplay Zombie Apocalypse. Thank you - SeCrEtSimpLE <— MCPE Xbox name
  11. Johnmataaaaa
  12. bardofmind
    squeak HONK squeak
  13. FoxPlayz
    Plz bring back the old Skytonia
  14. Zip
  15. Trashi
    nice >:]
  16. zVeroTeck
  17. Megalo
    My avatar won't work lol
  18. ARandomLitten
  19. Wyrl
    Wyrl Feiery
    lol you Exo and SansTheTraveler have the generic picture and like it looks so sad looking x3
    I dunno that's jus me
    I'm weird
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    2. Wyrl
      it's like some microsoft staff
      *Sees picture*
      *Microsoft : Hello?*
      *Hangs up*
      "That picture though!"
      Dec 26, 2017
    3. Feiery
      Too bad this website won't let me change it :D
      Dec 27, 2017
    4. Wyrl
      i changed mine tho
      and im like

      Dec 31, 2017
  20. Zip
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