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    ABFENIX Inky_Dude
    hello inky_dude ^-^
    how are ya?
  2. acalo22
    Hm, how is everybody today/tonight?
  3. Goster701
    Goster701 Eraze
    Thank you very much mr Eraze, I am very grtatefull
  4. Abdita
    Me against the world.
  5. Goster701
    Goster701 Eraze
    Excuse me Mr Eraze (this not hate) but I haven't been on Skytonia for like a year, and I seem to see I don't have my MVP anymore, in the server, even though it says I have purchased it. I have change my name (from Goster701 to MoonLettuce) since purchasing MVP. I would appreciate it if you have a look at my account and reinstate my MVP. Thank you and I hope you read this.
    1. Eraze
      Very sorry you encountered this issue Goster, I've gone ahead and added MVP back to your account. Have a great day!
      Jul 11, 2018 at 9:12 PM
  6. Golden_gameZ_YT
    Golden_gameZ_YT RPPuppet
    dont worry, you got gold ol' me with you on the clock
    ABFENIX Eraze
    can i please get unbanned i am realy sorry for hacking and i wont do it again I promise. i already uninstalled my hacks so if i join back on the server i promis you wont see me hack.
  9. DERP_GardensGrow
    Also This is DERP_GardensGrow from the skytonia server
  10. DERP_GardensGrow
  11. JDubC
    I might be done with making my island a flat area soon. Can't wait to start actually building on it!
  12. biscuitscuit
    Season 5 of murder mystery all this week! Join me on at 2:30PM Est. for the live streams!
  13. Frisk429
    Well idk
    1. Inksansy likes this.
  14. Inksansy
    Inksansy Kirroo
    Plz don't hurt me;-; I can't sleep and it's midnight so I had nothing to do
  15. Inksansy
    Btw the only support that I have gotten is from frisk 29 so just a shout out to her love ya besty
    1. Inksansy
      She has been here since day one!
      Jul 3, 2018
  16. Inksansy
    Hoi I am alive!
  17. Inky_Dude
    Today, my dad is even older of a man
    1. Omayestt
      My mom is even older than a woman
      Jul 2, 2018
  18. Noodle
    Noodle RPPuppet
    1. RPPuppet
      Jul 4, 2018
  19. Bergmister
    Bergmister Robert
    Ew hai
    1. Robert
      Hey, what's up
      Jul 1, 2018
  20. Robert
    Robert Mercenary
    1. Mercenary likes this.
    2. Mercenary
      Honey <3
      Jul 2, 2018
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