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  1. TheGoldenGun04

    So if you are new to the game mode sky block you might see that you have no clue what you are doing at all and that's okay. But I want to help everyone get started so they are able to play without asking someone for help with everything.

    1. You want to get decent tools. You will you need to make a ore generator to do so go here ===> Link!
    Skip to 3:15 to see how to make it. It does say cobble stone generator the server has a plugin that makes it so that ores can spawn in place of cobble. After you get your diamond tools you might want to enchant them! I find that getting books are a better way of getting enchantments because you get too choose what you put on your tools.

    2. A good source of money, As you get more and more materials you will see that you don't need most of it any more or at all. For example, emeralds! They are totally useless unless you are building with them. you can go ahead and do /market and sell them in one of the booths. After you get enough money you should get a spawner, which spawner you ask? I have fund that chicken spawners have a better source of money then my other source (Cows)

    3. Finding an "end game" objective. You want to see what you can do with what you are given, for example I plan on making a giant kingdom map so people can play hide and seek. Find something like that and you should be good to go.

    A few tips
    - Don't ask for ranks!
    - Don't ask for money!
    - Read the rules!
    - Don't cheat it makes things less fun! (For everyone)
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  2. TheGoldenGun04

    I hope this was useful and thank you JDubC for the information about the ore gen!

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