Bringing cocoa and chocolate kitten to skytonia

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by cocoa, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. cocoa

    cocoa Active Member

    howdy I am cocoa and I come and go mostly unheard and I just want to say hello. My avatar is made from scratch and I never thought I could get in skytonia. ;)
    I could always try to be friendly with others and become their friend.
    I am always shy and I have a one track mind.
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  2. MoonHuntress

    MoonHuntress Well-Known Member

    Hello cocoa, welcome to Skytonia!! :D
    I really like your avatar, it's really cool (I can do a decent stick figure if that counts??).
    If you see me on the server, don't be afraid to say hi, i'm pretttyyyy shy too xD
  3. CattyAlexa

    CattyAlexa New Member

    Heya! It is nice to meet you Cocoa, I am shy too but recently trying to be more social. Maybe we can hangout on the server sometime! Also welcome to skytonia!
  4. Pyne

    Pyne Member

    Welcome buddy! Your happy and friendly attitude is going to get you some great places! See you around! :D
  5. Omayestt

    Omayestt Active Member

    Hai cocoa!

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