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  1. CattyAlexa

    CattyAlexa New Member

    Hello guys Catty here! Gosh that sounded like a start of a youtube video. Anyway here you will learn some stuff about me that you probably did not need to know so yeah...

    I joined Skytonia the first day it opened.

    I joined minecraft last January.

    I am 15 years old.

    I am on the Mousie_Mouse team (MT) and get to body act and build! It is an amazing experience and am very thankful for being a part of it <3

    I make cringe worthy puns and have a lame sense of humor.

    I can be super sassy at times and then at other times sweet (who am I kidding mostly sassy)

    I am a disney nerd! I have grown up on disney and for one year went almost every single weekend.

    My favorite animal is either a panda or a cat!

    I got the name CattyAlexa because my middle name is Cat so people nicknamed me Catty and then my first name is Alexa.

    I love photography and writing, in my free time I do nature photography and write books.

    I love animals and would do anything to help them! I used to volunteer at the animal shelter and will be volunteering at the beach this summer to help keep it clean.

    I have been homeschooled since half way through first grade and am graduating highschool in 2020. Even though I am graduating highschool in 2020 I start college part time next spring.

    I want to major in Marine Biology and work at Disney one day. I also hope to travel the world.

    WHOOOO That is a lot of information about me and usually I am closed book XD so yeah hope you enjoyed learning stuff about me? (idk tbh)

    If you would like to hang out with me on skytonia sometime msg me on discord! (I have the server's discord so you can msg me on there) or if you catch me on the server sometime don't be afraid to say hi!
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  2. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah Well-Known Member

    cash me ousside how bow dat.

    Welcome Alexa :) I wonder who has more of a lame sense of humor !!! Definitely me !!! Anyways. Glad you're here. Hope to see you around soon
  3. justen

    justen Member

    WELCOMe Catty <3 <3 <3
  4. Yolo_Swagginz

    Yolo_Swagginz Active Member

    Hello and welcome to the server Catty <3 after what im about to do i cat stand me anymore :D im sorry anyways I hope you have fun on the server :)
  5. Pyne

    Pyne Member

    Welcome to the community. I'm sure you'll help spruce up the server with that punny sense of humor! :)

    Beleaf me!:D
  6. Ninja_Blazer11

    Welcome Catty to skytonia i hope to see you around <3 :)
  7. Zip

    Zip Active Member

    Welcome to the server! :p
  8. MoonHuntress

    MoonHuntress Well-Known Member

    ohmygods, you should share some of that amazing writing of yours with me ;)
    Welcome to Skytonia! Hope to see you around!
  9. PureJace

    PureJace Member

    I found it!
  10. Robsino

    Robsino Member

    Welcome garbage <3
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  11. PureJace

    PureJace Member

    Inside joke hehe
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  12. Robsino

    Robsino Member

    Alright Trash <3

    -inside joke he is not in fact trash he is Jace-
  13. TalentedTiger

    TalentedTiger Active Member


    not sure what else to say xD
  14. Omayestt

    Omayestt Active Member

    Welcome! (soo late)

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