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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by KameHame_Hotdog, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. KameHame_Hotdog

    KameHame_Hotdog New Member

    Hello! Glad to see you here reading this thread today!

    Let's just get onto the point to prevent boredom, shall we?

    1. The "/ignore [user]" command.
    Reason: Now I've seen many players complain about fellow players making them uncomfortable, or even messaging them privately even if the player doesn't want them to.

    The /ignore command would come in useful for these types of situations, especially when a staff is busy or not available.

    2. The "/nick" command. (Suggested by biscuitscuit)
    Reason: The /nick would be so fun to mess with (mainly for Roleplayers). It's just mainly satisfying/fun to see people in the right names for their character.

    The /nick command would come useful when people don't seem to recognize who you are, or who your character is.

    3. Chat colours! (At least for people who have ranks.)
    Reason: Now, this is just a suggestion! As a 'human', I sometimes get confused when trying to talk to someone in such a busy chat, because everything is gray. (that's edgy ._.) Why not try to spice things up a little and introduce colours into it!

    That's all I have for now!! Maybe I can come up with more ideas the next time I'm here.

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  2. Kirroo

    Kirroo Well-Known Member

    Thats a good idea, borf
  3. Omayestt

    Omayestt Active Member

    I like your idea with the ignore command. I think there already is one, however sadly it is broken and won't work!

    Also about the nick command, I think its a bad idea, since even if it would be for fun for roleplayers. The problem I'm looking at is that people could give themselves inappropriate nicknames and that is completely prohibited. I like it how it is now, with no command like that.

    Your chat colors actually seem pretty exciting and well, colorful. It would be so cool to see the chat become rainbows! (Also if you ever noticed, only people with ranks have white color instead of gray!) It would seem so friendly and... bright for the chat and server itself. I literally love rainbows, and I do like colorful people (those with colored hair :p) also even I'm a colorful people! :3
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  4. Jabbyunicornsundertale

    im super sorry but i know you told me alot but ... where is my inventory??
  5. Karina

    Staff Member Helper
    Karina Helper

    Press e and it will open when I’m minecraft
  6. Kirroo

    Kirroo Well-Known Member

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