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  1. gamertag890

    gamertag890 Member

    Hello people reading this I am gamertag890. i like to play murder but some times i'm on sky block. the things i like to do are coding ,drawing, and watching anime. my favorite moment on the server so far was when i played sky block for the first time. what i did was tp to Erictigerawr's island and saw that the second floor of his house was closed off and at the time the second floor did not have a roof so i went to my island mined 6 emeralds. after that i then sold them. bought 3 eperals and tp to the second floor. it was my greatest accomplishment on the server so far. so if you see my on say hello.

    (also I may or may not be building a casino don't tell the staff)
  2. gamertag890

    gamertag890 Member

    oh and my favorite color is black and my favorite animal is a wolf.
    favorite not real animal is magikarp.
  3. TalentedTiger

    TalentedTiger Active Member

  4. Happyy

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    Welcome to the Skytonia forums :p!
  5. MoonHuntress

    MoonHuntress Well-Known Member

    Hello! Welcome to forums!
  6. Omayestt

    Omayestt Active Member

    Welcome to Skytonia so long ago :3 Glad to have you here

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