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    Introducing Yourself

    Hello and welcome to Skytonia! We're super happy to have you in our community, and you're probably ready to start joining in on the fun! Skytonia is a great place and home for you to make new friends, and a perfect way is by introducing yourself on the forums! With that being said, here is a good guide on making an introduction.

    Fun Facts About Yourself
    When making your introduction, be sure to list some facts about yourself such as your Username, Nickname, Favorite Color, and even your Favorite Activity on the Server! In your introduction, you will want to give a brief description of, well... you! Be sure though not to list any sensitive information about yourself such as Addresses!

    Sample Introduction
    Here's a sample introduction of myself to give you an idea of how your Introduction could look like!

    Hey everyone, my name is Eric! I have just joined Skytonia and I am super excited to meet some new friends to play with on Skyblock. Here are some fact's about me incase you didn't know!

    Favorite Animal: Tiger, of course!

    Favorite Color: Blue

    Favorite Activity on the Server: Building some awesome creations and attending parties!
    Be Creative
    This is your introduction! Be sure to color it and design it however you want, and feel free to express yourself in a way that represents you!

    We're super happy to have you guys here and I look forward to reading some of your guys' introductions!

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