Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Qoie, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Qoie

    Qoie New Member

    I've never a c t u a l l y made an introduction post before so I guess I probably should?
    I'm Qoie (Kwo-e)! I've been playing on Skytonia for a while now, I just never got to the forums.
    I'm a pretty kind person as long as someone doesn't irritate me beyond belief, and even then I'll mostly keep to myself.
    I play murder only, that's what the server was introduced to me as and that's just where I stuck.
    I will almost always be seen with my buds, I'm basically attached at the hip with them.
    I'm pretty approachable so if you ever see me in game, shoot me a message! :D
  2. xkawaiicutex

    xkawaiicutex New Member

    Hiiiiii i'm Xkawaiicutex
    Skytonia is a amazing server I play sky block allot but i do play the murder mystery it's fun to play. If I ever see you in game I say Hi.
    My minecraft username is xTheKawaiiCookie :D

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