MVPplus RANK : Yeah I know it sounds ridiculous but hear me out.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by biscuitscuit, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. biscuitscuit

    biscuitscuit Member

    Hello everyone, as some of you know I'm an absolute MEGA fan of Skytonia and I would legit buy as much as humanly possible if I had the money. SO I would really like it if they added a new rank, a rank for only those who are SUPER FANS and also the ones who also have the money, because lets be honest that is probably the main factor in play right now. Anyways what I'm saying is that this rank will be only meant for those who really want to support the server. Like they want to support the server so much that they are willing to give up $100+. It will be a very rare sight and I honestly think it would be so cool to have. ( Yes, if you are wondering I am willing to spend $100+ on this server. I know that is a stupid amount BUT this server means a lot to me. I've made tons of friends here and even started YouTube because of this one server. I'm sure a tiny bit of people also feel this way as well but maybe that's just me idk.) Anyways here is what the extremely absurd rank would look like:

    By getting this command you should be allowed to have the following permissions (at least I think):
    note: I'm basically making a skytonia rank desc.
    • Exclusive [MVPplus] tag in-game to show off your premium status!
    • Exclusive [MVPplus] rank on our Website and Forums
    • Ability to join full and premium servers.
    • Ability to Fly in any part of our server!
    • Move your name to the top of the TAB list, so you'll always be seen.
    • Private access to closed BETA's and testing sessions. ( yeah where the heck is this on normal mvp lol)
    • Ability to punch staff high into the sky!
    • Add unlimited people to your friends list. (Coming Soon!)
    • Add unlimited people to your party! (Coming Soon!)
    • Ability to use /tp command without request. (because admit it, tpa's are a pain.)
    • Ability to use /me command for roleplaying. (/me <action>)
    • Ability to change nick.
    • Ability to change chat color.
    • Ability to visit any island. (/is <user>)
    • Exclusive 30,000 coins included with rank
    • I would come up with more Ideas that would be easy to implement but I'm tired ok.

      Anyways that's basically it. ALSO just because I'm putting in some of these options for the rank it doesn't mean that I don't want them on other ranks. I actually think that some of the things on this list should be added to all ranks.
    What are your thoughts? Would you buy if the rank is $100+ ( I mean unlikely but I'm sure there might be someone out there that wants it I mean if you look at other servers some of their ranks can cost up to like $150 )
  2. Zer0Her0

    Staff Member Helper
    Zer0Her0 Helper

    it does seem like a good idea with the perks you said that could be added with it
  3. Karina

    Staff Member Helper
    Karina Helper

    Honestly I’d buy it to just have a yellow name

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