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  1. FoxPlayz

    FoxPlayz Member

    New Minigame Idea!

    Skytonia still has the same stuff, so why not add a new minigame? My suggestion is basically mario kart.

    The main goal is to do 3 laps in a race. However, it won't be easy, since there will be obstacles, items, and the other players against you.

    In the game hub, the game will start if there's 6 players, and the maximum amount of players in a game is 12 players. When the game starts, there will be 10:00 for the players to finish 3 laps. Once the timer runs out, all of the players that didn't finish the race in three laps, will get a dnf (Did not Finish).

    In the game hub, players can choose which carts they want to use. Also, instead of texturing carts, use animals. You can use coins to buy animals that you want to ride.

    As I mentioned, you can use animals to ride with. Depending on what animal you're riding, it can give a advantage or a disadvantage in the game. Here are some examples:
    - Speed (Increased)
    - Items (Increased chance on getting attacking items)
    - Boost (100%)
    - Hit Vulnerability (If hit, you'll have less control | lesser invinsibility)
    - Acceleration (Decreased)

    - Speed (Decreased)
    - Items (Normal)
    - Boost (75%)
    - Hit Vulnerability (Recovers quickly | Better control when hit)
    - Acceleration (Increased)

    - Speed (Increased)
    - Items (Less useful items)
    - Boost (110%)
    - Hit Vulnerability (Recovers normally | Hard to control when hit)
    - Acceleration (Decreased)

    Undertale- Snowdin or Waterfall
    Subnautica- Under the Ocean | Blood Kelp Zone
    Haunted Mansion
    Yandere Simulator- Town or School
    Five Nights at Freddy's- Custom
    Hello Neighbor
    Little Nightmares- Dining Area

    Items are one way to help winning the game. Items can be used to hit other players, to speed up your animal kart, or just to give an advantage. Here are some items:
    Can be placed behind. When dropped, it explodes in 1.5 sec, and will hit anyone in a 3 block radius.

    Rockets that can be used to speed up your animal kart, putting you at your max speed for a few seconds.

    An item used for offense. It targets the player in first place.

    More like the green shell. Can only be thrown forward. After it hits 6 walls, it gets destroyed. However, if it hits a player, it will
    immediately be destroyed.

    Minecart w/ Furnace:
    More like the red shell. Can only be thrown forward. Unlike the normal Minecart, when the minecart w/ Furnace hits anything, it will break. When thrown, it will target the player in front of you.

    When used, it'll surround you with a bubble. This bubble will protect you.
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  2. Doctor_who_boy

    Staff Member Builder
    Doctor_who_boy Builder

    I like the idea, however due to the complexity of racing games like Mario Kart in Minecraft, IF we added it it would be a while from now.
  3. FoxPlayz

    FoxPlayz Member

    To see how much work can be put into this minigame (If the team decides to work on it), the wait can be worth it, since there is so many things to work on.
  4. TheGoldenGun04

    Wolf and Ocelot should be changed since in game Ocelots are faster.

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