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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Magic_Seagull, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Magic_Seagull

    Magic_Seagull Member

    Cory advertises this server on his channel, and his character is plastered all big on the top banner of the site. I can also see that he has a user on this site. So, does he 'own' this server? Also; do Uni, Tommy, Ashlie, and Nick also have a user for this site/ play on thecMinecraft server?
  2. MoonHuntress

    MoonHuntress Well-Known Member

    I don't believe that he officially owns the server but he is partially owner... if that makes sense...
    Andddd, Uni and gang they don't have a user to my knowledge, but they do play on the server!
  3. Snacky

    Snacky Member

    True ^^. Cory does the advertising part of the server, while the rest of the admins work on the server, and make it perfect.
    And, yes of course! All of the people you mentioned play on Skytonia. :)
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  4. Ninja_Blazer11

    All the youtubers apart from cory do not have a registered account on the website.
  5. Zip

    Zip Active Member

    Cory is the face. @Eraze is behind it all.

    Cory is the only YTber with a forum acc.

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