separating roleplay from main chat

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by 45fx, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. 45fx

    45fx New Member

    i've just started being active on the server, mainly playing on skyblock
    i notice a good bit of roleplay on the server; at some points it's literally all that's happening in chat

    as someone not too fond of roleplay i propose an idea that should hopefully satisfy everyone
    i propose that roleplay can be separated from main chat in some way, some of the ways this could happen are:
    • a party plugin: roleplayers create a party and roleplay in the party chat
    • separate chat regions plugin: one region for global, one region for island, and one for roleplay
    • a roleplay plugin: similar to the party plugin but designed to fit roleplayers particularly

    i hope those ideas would be enough to satisfy all participants in the community, and i hope this idea gets taken into consideration
    thank you!
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  2. virt

    virt New Member

    i second this idea, as some people probably don't want to see this around the server. please take into consideration, thanks.
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  3. Omayestt

    Staff Member Helper
    Omayestt Helper

    There are going to be some plugins created into the server. The party command will be a thing sooner or later, so roleplayers will be able to roleplay in that chat! I can understand the server is filled with roleplayers, but its not like we leave them out. They are also a part of the community, they can please whats fun for them and I think that's right! However, they could have their own little group chat, as it is called a party!
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  4. Omayestt

    Staff Member Helper
    Omayestt Helper

    Also I do like your idea. Very interesting :)
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  5. biscuitscuit

    biscuitscuit Member

    If you mean a roleplay plugin as in a plugin that makes it so that players can put actions in chat there is already one on the server. Since the server is using Bukkit that means that the command /me is already added. Skytonia just has it disabled. BTW if you want to know what /me does let me explain: basically you do a command like so [ /me hugs himself ] and once you hit enter in chat the message will appear like this [ ● [MVP]biscuitscuit hugs himself ] . So all we would have to do to get this command on the server is to ask skytonia to enable it. (It might actually be enabled but I do not think it is.)

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