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    Skytonia Rules and Regulations

    Here on Skytonia we have a short list of rules set to ensure that our community is a safe, family friendly environment for any kind of player to enjoy themselves. All rules listed below are to be followed throughout Skytonia, including the network, forums and discord. If you have any questions regarding any of the following information, please contact one of our amazing administration members.

    Common Sense
    We try to keep the rules short and sweet for players to read, rather than a long wall of strict orders. With this being said, we expect all players to use common sense when making actions on the server. If you don't think something you are about to do on the server follows our rules, then don't do it or clarify with a staff member.

    Inappropriate Language and General Behaviour
    Harsh and vulgar language is prohibited on the server. We want all players to be friendly to each other as we do not tolerate general rudeness and player disrespect.

    Hacked Clients and Illegal Modification

    The use of Hacked Clients, Illegal Modifications, or any Modifications which give an unfair advantage against other players is not allowed. We have a strict rule against those who use hacks on our server, as well as other modifications which grant extra advantages over other players, making the game unfair for them.

    Respecting Staff and their Decisions
    It is expected that all users will respect the Staff members of Skytonia, along with their privacy and decisions. If a Staff member has made a decision/statement regarding the rules, it is final. Arguing or questioning Staff members will result in immediate consequences. Along with this, any users caught impersonating Staff members will also be punished. All staff can be identified by their prefixes such as [HELPER], [MOD], or [ADMIN]. If you have any concerns or issues with punishments regarding Staff, please contact an Administrator here on the forums.

    We have a huge policy against advertising. Any player caught advertising a server, website, or social media that is not Skytonia-related will be punished properly. This also includes saying server names in chat.

    Glitches and Exploits
    Abusing any glitch, bug, or exploit on the server will result in a punishment and a possible stats wipe. If you find something that is not working correctly, please make a bug report or contact a staff member.

    Forums Specific
    All players are to conduct proper behavior on the forums and are to follow all the rules listed above and below when using our forums. Breaking these rules will lead to your account's access getting limited.

    • No Inappropriate Images, Avatars, or Attachments.
    • No Inappropriate Language or harsh verbal content.
    • No Phishing or Unsafe links.
    • No Alternate Accounts. (Each member is limited to 1 account)
    • No Ratings Boosting.

    All rules on here are up to date and it is your responsibility to stay updated with them as we add or remove further rules in this thread.
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