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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by Paiinty, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Paiinty

    Paiinty New Member

    to be honest id love if skytonia had a plots system, you know- to build in creative instead of in sky block, it would be easier and not as time consuming to grind to get what is needed, plus it encourages others to build and not wait due to them taking so long to make what they first did, only to reset it cause of how hard it was to make in the first place. so I think plots would be a good addition.

    I also think getting more games than just murder mystery would be great, get games to challenge us more than MM does. to have build battle and get creative, or bed wars / survival games to get good PVP practice.

    my last suggestion is proper rp spots. such as to build maps for undertale, creepypasta, homestuck, ect. cause people on skytonia are the low percent of people who are from fandoms who don't get Minecraft maps for roleplay most of the time, or are from old fandoms that are now hated, or too old to be known.
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  2. Omayestt

    Omayestt Active Member

    I really like your ideas and suggestions. But other than Murder Mystery there will also be a couple of more mini games to come in the future. Not sure if you heard of them but I'm sure they'll be here sooner or later. Your other suggestion, proper roleplaying spots I think is already handled, due to the three hubs on the server. And of course on Housing because players can be so creative and build those kinds of spots for roleplays. I've seen some players islands and I'm surprised to see how much work they've put on their island.
    Lastly, plots are a good idea in some senarios, but honestly both Housing and creative plots are somewhat similar if you think about it.
    Anyhow I love your ideas, keep up the great suggestions! :)
  3. Kegan

    Kegan New Member

    I agree with Omay on that
  4. Paiinty

    Paiinty New Member

    I can understand how the housing seems similar to plots, though if you say there would be the same, why not give ranked members a chance to use creative instead then? most things we can't get, or its rather expensive, plots gives much more freedom, and the ability for people who are just creative, to build rather impressive things.

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