Summer Break Costume, Cosmetic Updates & More!

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    Greetings Skytonian's! Feels amazing to be checking in again, we've been working on so many awesome things that we can't wait to share very soon! This is a quick post, sharing some new features along with some big changes to our Costume system. See you online!

    To celebrate the Summer Break, we're hosting an incredible Sale!
    Upgrade to any of our premium ranks or buy coins
    at incredibly low prices!
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    Limited Edition Summer Costume
    To help celebrate the amazing Summer Break with all of you, we've released a brand new limited edition Summer Costume, available now with Coins from the store! You'll see this new Costume displayed in the Hubs, and you can purchase the whole set for 5000 Coins by right clicking it! This Costume is limited, and won't be seen again after these Summer Holidays, so be sure to pick it up while you can, and rock a whole new look!


    NEW Costume Skins
    When logging on the server today, you'll notice a brand new feature with all of our Costumes, something that we're very excited to share! With our costumes, now instead of unlocking heads and leather armor, you'll now be able to unlock complete skins! This means that you can swap out your Skytonia skin whenever you like, without needing to relog or change your actual account skin!

    For those of you who already had skulls or armor for your costumes, you will be compensated next time you login. Your costume "skulls" will automatically turn into the new skins, and you will receive 200 Coins for every piece of armor that is removed from your account.


    What Else Is New?
    Whilst it has been a bit since our last website post, we've been working hard on so many things! Whilst not everything is done yet and there's plenty more to share soon, here's a few new things you might notice on the Network next time you're online:

    ➜ Plenty Of Bug Fixes
    Over the last few weeks we have been going crazy on bug fixes! Whether it was Cosmetics not saving correctly, invisible players in murder or anything else out of place, chances are we have already fixed it or are working hard to do so.

    ➜ AFK System For Games

    Something long overdue is a proper AFK system for our games such as Murder. This new system ensures that people who aren't playing the game are immediately kicked back to the hubs, so you can enjoy your games with active users.

    ➜ Smart Game Countdowns
    Our new countdown system makes it much easier to get your game started ASAP. This system will make it so your games can start with a lower amount of people if you have been waiting for a while, as well as making it so your game can start quicker if there are enough people to start.

    ➜ Murder Hero Addition
    If you have played Murder recently, you may have seen the word "Hero" mentioned in the game ending message. This simply shows the player who killed the Murderer, so you can all give them a nice GG in chat!

    ➜ Latest Donator Upgrade

    In the Hubs, you'll see a new feature where the old Twitter button used to be. This is our new and improved Latest Donator system, moved over from housing. This is a place to show off the users that are supporting the server by purchasing ranks and coins.
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  2. SirBailey

    SirBailey New Member

    Nice update :).
  3. Bergmister

    Bergmister Active Member

    I wanna be beach ready with that costume! Amazing update Ben and Skytonia Team, lovin’ them!! <3
  4. Omayestt

    Staff Member Helper
    Omayestt Helper

    I love the costumes! I'm gonna try to get them asap ;D
  5. TheQuazyQuafter

    TheQuazyQuafter New Member

    I can tell that thia update is going to be very cool!
  6. Golden_gameZ_YT

    Golden_gameZ_YT New Member

    Those updates are quite amazing, i say.
    but im also quite intrested at the new gamemode your adding to skytonia,
    i bet its gonna be real fun;).
  7. psychophy

    psychophy New Member

    Hey, where can I report???
  8. Omayestt

    Staff Member Helper
    Omayestt Helper

    In the report a player forums when you click on forums right beside Home and Members!
  9. Jabbyunicornsundertale

    How do we play something, im new...
  10. Jabbyunicornsundertale

    This does look super cool though!

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