Wait... What a Rip off

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ktendo64, Mar 11, 2018.


What do u think?

  1. Old prices are better

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  2. New Prices are better

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  1. ktendo64

    ktendo64 New Member

    So my friend GeneIsntHere looked at the Store and found MVP = 120 USD and Pro is $60 and Vip is 25
    I Think that is a Rip off cos Minecrafts just a game and The old prices were fine no criticism there I felt it was good prices, But 120Usd is just wrong. And all the Details aren't worth 120 USD
    Just my Opinion. Leave urs Down below
    - Ktendo
  2. Bergmister

    Bergmister Active Member

    It’s really up to everyone’s own opinion. Some players may find it useful / valuable, others probably won’t.

    But I’m sure most players would’ve purchased their rank during a sale. Or they might of entered a giveaway to win it for free :p
  3. Eraze

    Staff Member Administrator
    Eraze Administrator

    The prices have never changed, however are due to change at some point soon.
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  4. Noisyboy286

    Noisyboy286 Member

    I say these prices should go down just by a bit
  5. Storyshift1

    Storyshift1 Member

    I think the prices are good, because lots of people buy MVP and that probably greatly helps Skytonia.
  6. Omayestt

    Staff Member Helper
    Omayestt Helper

    Meh, the prices are pretty ok
  7. Karina

    Staff Member Helper
    Karina Helper

    The are regular sales on for ranks at the store the is currently 50% off and for what they offer they are priced very well.
    I’ve been on servers where one of the ranks was about $800 usd so in comparison the prices are amazing

    It’s also just up to you as a person if you think they are worth buying I was happy to buy myself vip pro then MVP and then pro for a friend just to support the server as it’s a server I’d love to see do well but they aren’t something you need you can still have just as much fun and the same experience if you don’t have a rank
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  8. Omayestt

    Staff Member Helper
    Omayestt Helper

    Yes! Exactly.
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