Wait... What a Rip off

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ktendo64, Mar 11, 2018.


What do u think?

  1. Old prices are better

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  2. New Prices are better

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  1. ktendo64

    ktendo64 New Member

    So my friend GeneIsntHere looked at the Store and found MVP = 120 USD and Pro is $60 and Vip is 25
    I Think that is a Rip off cos Minecrafts just a game and The old prices were fine no criticism there I felt it was good prices, But 120Usd is just wrong. And all the Details aren't worth 120 USD
    Just my Opinion. Leave urs Down below
    - Ktendo
  2. Bergmister

    Bergmister Active Member

    It’s really up to everyone’s own opinion. Some players may find it useful / valuable, others probably won’t.

    But I’m sure most players would’ve purchased their rank during a sale. Or they might of entered a giveaway to win it for free :p
  3. Eraze

    Staff Member Administrator
    Eraze Administrator

    The prices have never changed, however are due to change at some point soon.
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  4. Noisyboy286

    Noisyboy286 Member

    I say these prices should go down just by a bit

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