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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FoxPlayz, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. FoxPlayz

    FoxPlayz Member

    At the moment, Skytonia is slowly dying and we need to improve it. Here are some ways that I think the server can get alive again.

    1. The most important, bring skytonia back to its old self, and back to Java edition.

    2. Bring Build Battle, Skyblock, and some maps back to the Java Skytonia.

    3. Keep Skytonia Bedrock as a separate server and reboot the Java skytonia with the same things. This insures that players from other platforms (Xbox, PE and Windows 10) can enjoy the same content as the Java skytonia.

    4. Bring brand new minigames to Skytonia. I know Build Battle has been released, but atleast bring other minigames. In addition, I think that Creative should be a thing in Skytonia.

    5. Give more updates, maps, lobby update, events to keep players informed. Without this information, playes can lose hope on the server, in which happened.

    6. Finally, bring some challenges or quests to make sure that players actually have something to do in the server.

    I really think that with these things, the server can get back up again. All of this is my opinion and my ideas on improving the server.
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  2. Wheelz

    Wheelz Well-Known Member

    Skytonia will never be back on Java edition.
  3. Nah

    Nah New Member

    it's all nice and dandy and all but then again im sure they would never bring it back cause it would take AGES
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  4. SansTheTimeTraveler

    SansTheTimeTraveler New Member

    Dang yo... that's... really...I just...have no words...but in a good way.
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  5. FoxPlayz

    FoxPlayz Member

    It might be true. But if skytonia bedrock is permanent, there is no way that skytonia will get players. So bringing back Java Skytonia is one of the main important things
  6. FoxPlayz

    FoxPlayz Member

    Obviously, bringing back Java Skytonia can take some time, but I didn't mention that they had to remove bedrock skytonia.
  7. N0RSKA

    N0RSKA New Member

    In my opinion, Skytonia is dead while I believe it could be one of the really good and enjoyable servers out there. Eraze made a terrible mistake moving Skytonia to Bedrock, not only there's literally no players online ever (even if there are it's only when YouTubers play on the server). There's currently nothing really to get hooked and continue playing and mainly because it's on Bedrock. If Skytonia ever actually achieves to get somewhere while on Bedrock it'd be a miracle. Lastly, I believe it'd be better for the community to choose via a poll of some sorts, for such drastic decisions. Making such major changes without community feedback does nothing but harm. There still is hope for the server, the management just has to realise it and not let it die entirely. @Eraze @OhBlihv @Murply @NewScapeBro
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